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Yvon of the Yukon

Yvon of the Yukon is a cartoon television show developed by Studio B Productions and Corus Entertainment. Based in the fictional town of Upyer Mukluk, the show premiered on YTV on 9 September 1999, and last aired on 22 November 2005. The show was also broadcast on CBBC.


Yvon of the Yukon is about a French explorer, Yvon Ducharme, who became frozen in an ice block in the Yukon after being knocked off his boat. While the exact date of his going overboard is unclear, his apparent devotion to "King Louis" (Louis XIV of France) indicates that it was before the French Revolution, implying that Yvon had spent 300 years cryogenically frozen in the ice.

Luckily for Yvon, he was defrosted when the block of ice that held him was urinated on by a sled dog owned by Tommy Tukyuk, an Inuit teenager. According to the song in the opening, this was "some irony". The show follows the adventures of Yvon as he attempts to adjust to life in the Yukon whilst the residents of the town of Upyer Mukluk do the same. It takes place in the fictional town of Upyer Mukluk, Yukon, "the hottest cold town in the Arctic, midway between Shivermetimbers and Frostbottom Falls".

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