Tomorrow Never Knows
Series 01, Episode 01
Tomorrow Never Knows
Show Noah and Saskia
Air Date May 5, 2004
Previous None
Next The Very Real and Excellent..

Tomorrow Never Knows is the first episode of Noah and Saskia which was first broadcast on May 5, 2004.


When Saskia goes into a chat room seeking revenge on a guy who stole her music, she ends up with the most important relationship in her life, with the most amazing person. His name is Max Hammer, and after their first big meeting on-line, Saskia feels like she's known him her whole life. Yep, Saskia's relationship with Max is perfect — or it would be, if he wasn't in the UK and she wasn't in Australia, and if he didn't think she was somebody completely different.

You see, Saskia has created an alter ego that she uses on-line. Her name is Indy and she's everything Saskia isn't — self-assured, carefree and sexy. And Saskia knows that if Max found out who she really is — a rather prickly, defensive, shabby looking teenager — the best friendship of her life would be over in an instant.

That is, if Max was who he claimed to be, which of course he's not. In reality, Max is a 14 year old dweeb named Noah, and he has no illusions. He knows that if Indy ever learned the truth, she would run screaming. They're partners in Noah's on-line comic, and they're a great team creatively — he takes care of the images, she takes care of the music. Indy is a great listener when Noah has a problem, and she thinks his advice is cool. All he has to do is make sure she never finds out who he really is. But that's okay, Noah's used to living a double life — geek by day, super-confident cyber marauder by night.

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