Tome toyou

To Me...To You. is a CBBC game show that ran from 21 June 1996 to 25 December 1998. It was presented by Barry and Paul Elliott, better known as Chuckle Brothers.


The show was set on a desert island. The contestants were children and were in teams of two. The contestants won prizes and coconuts and whoever had the most coconuts at the end of the show won the game. There were tasks such as the Chuckle Challenge (set in a swamp) and the Chuckle Chuck, where contestants would throw custard pies at Barry and Paul and if they failed to hit both of them three times in a minute, then the contestants would have custard pies put in their faces.

Each episode would also have a celebrity guest, someone who was famous for being on TV at the time, such as Richard McCourt (better known as "Dick" of Dick and Dom), Dave Benson-Phillips, Michaela Strachan and Mr. Blobby.


Each week two teams will be taking the ferry across to the island to join in the chaos, The Chuckle Truck will be loaded with prizes and the Mega Dice ready to be thrown as they battle their way to the Home Squares. There are many great challenges on the way, which include:

  • Chuckle Chuck: Launch custard pies at Paul and Barry. Hit them 5 times or get splatted yourselves!
  • Use Your Head: Catch the slithering serpents exploding from the mine in the special headgear!
  • The Swamp: Cross over by the stepping stones, or end up in the steaming water!
  • The Raft: Carefully serve tea and cakes while the raft is tossed by the mighty seas!

Guest Celebrities: Each week a special guest will be visiting Chuckle Island trying to help the contestants get the better of Paul and Barry, and trying not to get spletted themselves!

Competitions: As well as the prizes in the studio, YOU can join in from home with the chance to win GREAT PRIZES in the weekly PHONE-IN COMPETITION.

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