The Greatest BBC Children's Video Ever

The Greatest BBC Children's Video Ever!, a piece of CBBC merchandise, is a VHS video which was a collection of popular CBBC television shows. It was released around 4 Sept. 1995 and had a running time for time for 86 minutes.

Can you believe it? All your favourite children's characters on one video. Friends old and new; from Noddy and the Clangers to Fireman Sam, Pingu, William's wishing wellingtons and others - all sqeezed into over 80 minutes of tip-top toddler funtime.

And incredibly there's more - a full story from The Animals of Farthing wood and songs from Nursery rhyme time! Now that's why it's called the greatest BBC children's video in the world.. ever!


  • Fireman Sam - Spot of bother.
  • Noddy - Noddy and the special key.
  • Pingu - Pingu's new kite.
  • Funnybones - Bumps in the night.
  • Spider - Spider in the bath.
  • Hairy Jeremy - Ice to see you.
  • William's wish Wellington's - William and the Conkeror.
  • Little Polar bear - The egg.
  • The Clangers - Fishing.
  • The animal of farthing wood = Adventure of Fox.
  • Nursery rhyme time.

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