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The Office

The CBBC Office is the hub of CBBC and is the studio for the current generation of CBBC. When CBBC was re-lauched in September 2007


Ed Petrie and Oucho T. Cactus became the cheif presenters and only presented in the afternoon. There has since been many different presenters on weekends and throughout the week.

Weekday Presenters

  • Ed and Oucho
  • Iain and Hacker - Current
  • Holly and Dunceton - (Whilst Ed & Oucho were filming)

Ed and Oucho although are not presenters in the office, they still make appearences.

Weekend Presenters

Dick and Dom, Sam and Mark, Ben and Ciran, Dan and Jeff, Ed and Chris, Chloe and London, London and Chris.

There were many different partnerships.


The Office has also become a central for different characters and events.

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