Scoop is a children's television series which is broadcasdt on CBBC slot by the BBC. The show stars Shaun Williamson as Digby Digworth, an ambitious but inept journalist for a fictional local newspaper, The Pilbury Post. Each episode centres on Digby's failure to get a scoop, ending up causing mayhem and disaster instead. In each of these he is accompanied by Hacker, a dog. The show also stars Mark Benton as the newspaper's short-tempered editor, Max de Lacey and there are guest appearances by popular British TV actors such as Lesley Joseph and Mina Anwar who plays Selena Sharp, reporter for a rival paper. In one episode the writer J. K. Rowling is parodied as a novelist character called T. K. Towling, while in another Jeremy Clarkson (ex top gear presenter) is satirised with the character Clark Jameson.


Each episode begins in much the same way with a short sequence in which Digby is awoken by an elaborate alarm system, then tries in vain to prevent the paperboy throwing his newspaper into a puddle. Similarly the episodes all end in the same way with a short sequence in which the editor inspects a newspaper front page expecting to see a great story, but is instead frustrated when it shows instead a picture depicting the results of Digby's clumsiness and mistakes, at which point the character played by Mark Benton shouts "DIGBY DIGWORTH!".

In every series 1 episode, Digby and Hacker have to turn to the mysterious Sid the Source when in trouble, who considers covering his face from the public. Hacker often mistakes Sid the Source as a sauce topping, so every time Digby said "Every reporter needs a source.", Hacker holds up a different type of sauce each episode.

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