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Scooby-Doo is an American cartoon series based around several animated television series and related works produced from 1969 to the present day.The original series, Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, was created for Hanna-Barbera Productions by writers Joe Ruby and Ken Spears in 1969.

This Saturday morning cartoon series featured four teenagers—Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, and Norville "Shaggy" Rogers— and their talking Great Dane dog named "Scooby-Doo" who solve mysteries involving supposedly supernatural creatures through a series of antics and missteps.

Scooby Doo has continued on from the original 1969 cartoon and has span servral successful, well loved series which have all appeared on CBBC at some time. Scooby Doo is still broadcast on the CBBC Channel.

Scooby Series include

  • Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
  • A Pup Named Scooby-Doo
  • What's New, Scooby-Doo?