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Pingu is a Swiss stop-motion claymated television series created by Otmar Gutmann. The series was produced by The Pygos Group and Trickfilmstudio for Swiss television. The series was very popular in the UK during the 1980's and 1990's, and was shown on CBBC.

The show is about a family of anthropomorphic penguins at the South Pole. The main character is the family's son and title character, Pingu.


The program is set in Antarctica and centres around penguin families who live and work in igloos. The main character Pingu belongs to one such family. He frequently goes on adventures with his little sister Pinga, and he often gets into mischief with his best friend Robby the Seal.

One reason for Pingu's international success is the absence of human languages. All dialogue is in a honking "penguin language", and was initially retroscripted by Carlo Bonomi, who also did all the other sound effects. This allows people of different linguistic backgrounds to still be able to follow the story.