Our School is a children's TV docomentry based on year 7 students from their move to secondry school and interviewing the experiences they have their.The show was set in Conyers School near Middlesbourgh ,Teeside.Producton took place from July to December 2013 with hidden cameras in some classrooms.The show interviewed some students from 7AG Mr Glendding,7CG Miss Gibbons and some people from the progress group.The was narrated by Jonathan Thorburn known as Mr Thorburn a science teacher at Conyers School .The show was first broadcasted on 3rd September 2014 at 8.25am on CBBC .16 episodes were made, including one special.

Return of the show

After the shows success.CBBC returned to producton of the show a one year later ,when they were Year 8 for one special episode.This episode talked about the changes that happened since they were Year 7 .Production took place in April 2015 .It was re titled Our School , What happened next? This was the first episode of the show to broadcast Year 8 ,and it was first broadcasted on the 7 September 2015 from 5.00pm on the CBBC channel.

Episode no Name Date Trivia
1 Welcome To Conyers 7th September 2015 A quick introduction to Conyers school.
2 Moving In 14th September 2015 Libby, Alex and Adam start at Conyers. They have a tough time.
3 Love Is In The Air 21st September 2015 Some of the children at Conyers are starting to get into a romance with their fellow classmates!

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