Noah and Saskia

Noah and Saskia was 13-episode children's television program co-produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and British Broadcasting Corporation.

The show explores a situation in which two teenagers, Noah King (Jack Blumenau) and Saskia Litras (Hannah Greenwood) meet in an Internet chatroom, using personas that are very different from their true selves. They become friends, but both fear having the other discover their true identities.


  • Noah King - Jack Blumenau
  • Saskia Litras - Hannah Greenwood
  • Max Hammer - Cameron Nugent
  • Indy - Maria Papas
  • Renee -Emily Wheaton
  • Clive - Adrian Fergus Fuller
  • Specs - Alex Yates


  1. Tomorrow Never Knows
  2. The Very Real and Excellent Adventures of Max Hammer
  3. Don't Blame it on Hormones Polka
  4. Walsh on Wimmin
  5. I Got Shades of Indy Blues
  6. Eddie
  7. Piggy in the Middle Blues
  8. You'll Never Be a Man
  9. Extra Spicy
  10. Almost
  11. Don't Give Me No Love Song Blues
  12. Would the Real Max Hammer Please Log On?
  13. Tonight Live With Noah and Saskia