Live and Kicking-Show Maker

Live & Kicking Show Maker is a CD-Rom published by BBC Multimedia, featuring content about the CBBC television series Live & Kicking.

It was released around 18 Feb. 2001 and was made for Windows 3.1 / 95 / 98.


This is a CD-ROM which enables you to produce your own episode of Live and Kicking! Interviews, comedy, art, games, jingles, fashion, music, links and stings . How much can you fit into your show? Starring Zoe Ball, Jamie Theakston, The Leprechauns, and Dominic & Daniel.


  • Make your own Live & Kicking TV programme
  • Featuring Zo Ball and Jaime Theakston
  • Interview Jamie or Zo in the hot seat
  • Create your own 'Loot the Fruit' game
  • Create funky fashions for the presenters to wear


Live and kicking cd rom

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