Watch the list of Yogi Bear episodes with his friends on the TV Series. Yogi Bear Lives In Jellystone Park with his best friend and sidekick Boo Boo Bear, Now Yogi stealing the Picnic Baskets from the season Now he be trouble by Ranger Smith will Yogi to be Sent alway to St Louis Zoo and Siberia, and Yogi also has a relationship with his Iove interest Cindy Bear.

The Huckleberry Hound Show

Yogi Bear's Big Break Yogi wants to get as far away from Jellystone Park and its patronizing tourists as he can (in later episodes, he would become a notorious tourist stalker and food thief). He devises a series of elaborate but futile escape plans, several of which are foiled by a park ranger.
Slumber Party Smarty Yogi saw that little Duck came inside to his cave to stay with him but Yogi can't be a babysitter with no duck until next spring is time for good sleep for the winter.
Pie-Pirates TBA
Big Bad Bully TBA
Foxy Hound-Dog TBA
Big Brave Bear TBA
Tally Ho Ho Ho TBA
High Fly Guy TBA
Baffled Bear TBA
The Brave Little Brave TBA
The Stout Trout TBA
The Buzzin’ Bear TBA
The Runaway Bear TBA
Be My Guest Pest TBA
Duck in Luck TBA
Bear on a Picnic TBA
Prize Fight Fright TBA
Brainy Bear TBA
Robin Hood Yogi TBA
Daffy Daddy TBA
Scooter Looter TBA
Hide and Go Peek TBA
Show Biz Bear TBA
Lullabye-Bye Bear TBA
Bareface Disguise TBA
Papa Yogi TBA
Stranger Ranger TBA
Rah Rah Bear TBA
Bear for Punishment TBA
Nowhere Bear TBA
Wound-Up Bear TBA
Bewitched Bear TBA
Hoodwinked Bear TBA
Snow White Bear TBA
Space Bear TBA

The Yogi Bear Show

Oinks and Boinks Yogi and Boo Boo are tricked by the Three Little Pigs into moving into the straw house, then the wood house, just before each is blown down by the wolf.
Booby Trapped Bear After Yogi poses as a health inspector in order to take tourists' picnic baskets, Ranger Smith sets out some booby-trapped baskets to teach Yogi a lesson.
Gleesome Threesome Ranger Smith goes on vacation in Miami Beach; Yogi and Boo Boo mistakenly think that they're invited so they show up at Miami Beach and drives poor Ranger Smith out of his mind.
A Bear Pair Boo Boo enters a mail-in puzzle contest and wins a trip for two to Paris; he takes Yogi along, who causes havoc there.
Spy Guy Ranger Smith has a system of closed-ciruit cameras set up throughout Jellystone so he can keep an eye on Yogi.
Do or Diet At Ranger Smith's request, a doctor tells Yogi that his health will be in jeopardy if he doesn't stick to a diet of nuts and berries.
Bears and Bees Yogi finds a hollow log filled with bees' honey, and trades jars of it for goodies from the tourists.
Biggest Show Off on Earth An escaped circus bear trades places with Yogi; Yogi has a terrible time trying to perform dangerous acts, while the more feral circus bear proves to be impossible for the rangers to control.
Genial Genie Yogi and Boo Boo find a lamp containing a genie, and Yogi wishes for a flying carpet.
Cub Scout Boo Boo When a boy scout troop sets up camp in Jellystone, Yogi and Boo Boo pose as scouts to get some food.
Home-Sweet Jellystone When he inherits wealth and a mansion, Ranger Smith moves away from Jellystone.
Love-Bugged Bear Yogi has been struck by Cupid's arrow (literally), and he's too busy pursuing a female bear to go after picnic baskets.
Bare Face Bear TBA
Slap Happy Birthday Ranger Smith is trying to find out what Yogi is up to, not realizing that the bear is putting together a surprise birthday party for him.
A Bear Living Yogi sets up a wishing well in the park, and uses the money people throw in to buy things.
Disguise and Gals Two bank robbers disguised as little old ladies hide out in Jellystone and conceal their loot in a picnic basket; naturally, Yogi gets involved.
Touch and Go-Go-Go The bears' fairy godmother grants Yogi the power to turn anything he touches into a picnic basket (à la Midas).
Acrobatty Yogi Cindy Bear is in a circus, so Yogi runs off to join it; the circus owner gets him a job as a lion tamer.
Ring-a-Ding Picnic Basket Ranger Smith tries to trap Yogi with an alarm-rigged picnic basket, and his plan fails; Later, Yogi mistakenly thinks the Ranger wants him shot.
Iron Hand Jones When Ranger Smith goes on vacation, his seat is filled by Ranger "Iron Hand" Jones, who's more of a strict disciplinarian than Yogi can stand.
Yogi's Pest Guest Yo Yo, a Japanese bear who's a martial artist, is transferred to Jellystone, and Yogi finds him in his cave and to become friends, he gets him a picnic basket and Yo Yo becomes addicted to picnic baskets.
Missile Bound Yogi The army has its war games in a sealed-off part of the park; when Yogi wanders in, he thinks Jellystone has been invaded.
Loco Locomotive When a kiddie train is added to the park, Yogi becomes determined to ride it.
Missile-Bound Bear The military builds a secret rocket-launching base in Jellystone, and Yogi, Boo Boo, and Ranger Smith all wind up inside a space-bound rocket. This cartoon contains a great deal of satire of the military.
A Wooin' Bruin Yogi and another bear compete for Cindy's affections by bringing her gifts, committing a rash of thefts throughout the park in the process.
Yogi in the City After falling asleep in a tourist's trailer because of a drip in his cave, Yogi finds himself in the big city dodging cars and wounding up on the ledge of a building.
Queen Bee for a Day Yogi has Boo Boo dress up as a queen bee to lure bees away from their honey-filled hive, but an entomologist starts chasing Boo Boo.
Batty Bear After sending in thousands of boxtops to a television show, Yogi receives a "Bat Guy" costume with functional bat-like wings, which he uses to swoop down on campers and steal their picnic baskets.
Droop-a-Long Yogi A television station is using part of Jellystone to shoot a western program, and Yogi and Ranger Smith get parts on the show.
Threadbare Bear While being transported to the zoo, Yogi and Boo Boo escape into the woods, and start stealing food from stores and houses.
Ice Box Raider To prove that Yogi's been raiding his refrigerator, Ranger Smith rigs it with a practical joke; later, Yogi hatches a plan to get even.
Bear Foot Soldiers The army is playing war games in Jellystone, and one of the teams is disguising their soldiers as bears; of course, Yogi and Boo Boo get caught up in the games.
Yogi's Birthday Party In this episode-length cartoon, Yogi is told that he'll be appearing on a television program. He tries to prepare for the show by taking lessons from Fred Upstairs, Boppy Barrin, and Lee B. Rocky (spoofs of Fred Astaire, Bobby Darin, and Liberace, respectively), but the lessons don't go well. Yogi is afraid that he'll ruin the show, but at the last minute he discovers that it's actually a surprise birthday tribute for him and that he doesn't have to do anything.

The New Yogi Bear Show

Kahuna Yogi Yogi and Boo Boo get on a game show and end up winning a trip to Hawaii.
Grin & Bear It Yogi tries to make Ranger Smith feel guilty by pretending that the ranger ran him over.
Board Silly TBA
Shine on Silver Screen TBA
Buffalo'd Bear TBA
The Yolks on Yogi TBA
Yogi De Beargerac TBA
Bearly Sick TBA
Bear Exchange TBA
To Bear is Human TBA
Slim & Bear It TBA
Old Biter TBA
Pokey the Bear TBA
Shadrak Yogi TBA
Bruise Cruise TBA
Bear Obedience TBA
Come Back, Little Boo Boo TBA
La Bamba Bear TBA
Clucking Crazy TBA
Misguided Missile TBA
Double Trouble TBA
Attack of the Ninja Raccoon Ninja Raccoon appears in Jellystone Park and ends up eating the cake that Ranger Smith's mother made for him and the eclairs that Yogi has swindled. Ranger Smith and Yogi Bear band together to try to trap Ninja Raccoon.
Biker Bear Cindy Bear's niece Bibbi is riding on the scoter.
Bearly Buddies A misunderstanding leads Yogi to believe that he's NOT Boo-Boo's best friend, which results in him kicking Boo-Boo out of their cave.
Predaterminator TBA
Little Lord Boo Boo TBA
Yogi the Cave Bear Yogi discovers a tunnel in his cave that leads Boo Boo and him to prehistoric Jellystone Park.
Little Big Foot Mrs. Big Foot need help Yogi for the cub of Big Foots.
Top Gun Yogi TBA
The Hopeful Diamond Ranger Smith takes Yogi and Boo Boo to the museum Yogi saw Mona Yogi like Mona Lisa. Next Cindy arrived in his cave what Boo Boo strange happen The Hopeful Diamond Yogi think that his friend Boo Boo was a robber, then two robbers came inside Yogi's cave, Cindy catch the diamond to Yogi but the robbers got the diamond but real Boo Boo wears a hat to hand over the diamond and the police arrest the two robbers and take the diamond to the museum.
Real Bears Don't Eat Quiche A major forest fire has damaged most of Grizzly Stone Wilderness Park causing most of its animals to be temporarily transferred to Jellystone National Park. Yogi ends up having to compete against a vicious bear named Growler for the attention of Cindy Bear.
Slippery Smith Ranger Smith's evil twin brother Slippery Smith escapes in jail and to replace Jellystone like his brother.
In Search of the Ninja Raccoon Ninja Raccoon returns and once again interferes with Yogi's picnic raids. Boo Boo ends up having Yogi train with Ninja Raccoon to master the Ninja Raccoon's moves.
Balloonatics Yogi and Boo Boo is on the hot air balloon the bank robbers to sealing the money.
The Big Bear Ballet Yogi learns ballet from a visiting Russian bear.
Blast Off Bears Yogi and Boo Boo on to the spaceship and off to the moon.
Battle of the Bears Cindy Bear's mother is coming to visit her daughter to her new fiancée named Boran Bearwik the III. and she meets Cindy Bear's own boyfriend Yogi Bear.
Bringing Up Yogi Yogi and Cindy are getting married going to a honeymoon and this Spring to has a little baby bear named Little Yo, Boo Boo, Ranger Smith and Ranger Roubideux on for his birthday but Yogi is Having A Nightmare.
Unbearable Ranger Smith takes Yogi and Boo Boo to the old house on the other side of the mountain.
Banjo Bear Yogi's uncle Banjo Bear is coming to visit his nephew.
Boxcar Pop Ralph Bear is coming visit Jellystone his son Yogi to the Party with Boo Boo, Cindy, and Ranger Smith.
Yogi Meets The Mummy Boo Boo knows there was a mummy is coming inside the tomb, at the Party Yogi, Cindy, Ranger Smith and Ranger Roubideux knows the mummy really was Professor Digby.
Ninja Raccoon, The Final Shogun Ninja Raccoon returns to Jellystone and challenges Yogi to a showdown. Boo Boo ends up overseeing Yogi's training so that he'd be in shape to fight Ninja Raccoon.
The Not So Great Escape TBA
My Buddy Blubber Yogi's old buddy Blubber (from the Wacky Races) to see old friends Yogi and Boo Boo is on the winter time in Jellystone to sleep on his Hibernated, But Blubber on the Ranger's house on the bed with Ranger Smith and Ranger Roubideux.

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