List of Queen's Nose characters

This page is an incomplete list of all characters from the CBBC televion series, The Queen's Nose. Feel free to add any information.

Harmony Parker

Harmony Parker queen's nose

Harmony Parker (played by Victoria Shalet) was the main character of the series in the early series. She is given a 50p coin by her Uncle Ginger, and discovers that she can use it to grant her self ten wishes. She didn't get on very well with her sister Harmony. Yes

Melody Parker

Melody parker queen's nose

Melody Parker (Heather-Jay Jones) was the older sister of Harmony and was seen as bossy and annoying by her sister. She was often the foil for many pranks or accidents that happened such as when Harmony used a makeshift zip line and accidentally knocked her over into a puddle.


Gregory (Callum Dixon) was Melody's friend and later boyfriend who was always being bossed around by her. In later series they ended up living together in a flat.

Uncle Ginger

Uncle Ginger (Donald Sumpter) was Harmony and Melody's uncle who appeared ion various episodes. He was an adventure and so was often away travelling the world. Ginger was the person who give Harmony the magic 50p. It is unknown where he got the coin from.

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