Home Farm Twins

Home Farm Twins was a CBBC Television series which was broadcast in the 1990's. The television series ran for three seasons from January 7, 1999 till March 30, 2002.Home Farm Twins follows the adventures of twins Hannah and Helen around the local countryside in this series dramatized by Elly Brewer from the Home Farm books by Jenny Oldfield.


The first season started with the Moore family moving from London to the country village of Doveton. Hannah is a dreamer and an idealist, much more 'girly' than her tomboy sister Helen, who is more outspoken, daring and sarcastic.

The girls quickly got to know the locals and began a long-term friendship with Sam from Crackpot Farm who teased them for being 'townies' but still loved to join in their adventures but Sam had dreams elsewhere and dropped a bombshell on the twins during Season 3 by announcing he was to leave Doveton.

The twins' mother, Mary, is famous for making cakes at the Curlew Cafe which is the business she started up after moving to Doveton, while her husband, David, is a wildlife photographer and studies animals. The twins' parents had a baby girl during Season 3. The girls learned that animals were no longer the only ones who needed looking after and promptly watched their baby sister on numerous occasions, getting into big trouble for regular accidents involving their methods. The final season broadcast on the BBC ended with the twins facing the realities of growing up and looking back at their time spent living on Home Farm and wondering what life had in store for them next.


  • Tom Felton, who would go onto play Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, appeared in the series 4 as "Adam baker"

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