Hero to Zero CBBC

Hero to Zero is a British children's drama television show about a young boy who has many adventures while receiving advice from the football player Michael Owen. The six-part series premiered 23 February 2000, on BBC One.


Created by John Salthouse, the British children's series Hero to Zero utilized the presence of a real-life sports figure to dispense weekly, 30-minute Life Lessons.

The focus was on Charlie Brice (Huw Proctor), a ten-year-old boy burdened by an unhappy household and an overabundance of taunting and peer pressure at school. As a means of escaping reality, Charlie began talking to the poster of British football star Michael Owen which hung in his bedroom.

Miracle of miracles, Owen's image suddenly came to life, eager and willing to usher Charlie into a whole slew of marvelous imaginary adventures -- and also to offer advice as to how to cope with the exigencies of everyday existence. The six episodes of Hero to Zero were broadcast by BBC1 from February 23 to March 29, 2000.

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