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Hank Zipzer

Hank Zipzer: The World's Greatest Underachiever (formally Hank Zipzer: The Mostly True Confessions of the World's Best Underachiever in books 1-3 and Hank Zipzer: The World's Best Underachiever in book four) is a series of children's books by actor Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver, published by Grosset & Dunlap. In 2013 there was meant to be a Hank Zipzer musical. Hank Zipzer was made into a TV series in 2014 on CBBC and CBBC HD.


Hank Zipzer is a young boy growing up on the Upper West Side of New York City, who is dyslexic. Winkler based the character on himself as a child and his own experiences with dyslexia and ADHD. [1][2] He attends P.S. 87 at Amsterdam Avenue and W 78th Street. His friends are Frankie Townsend and Ashley Wong.

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