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Eve is a sci-fi programme that airs on CBBC. It stars Poppy Lee Friar and follows the adventures of a gynoid named Eve (also known as Project Eternity) living with a family in suburbia, trying to make sense of human life as a teenage girl.

Eve launched on CBBC on 5 January 2015 with its 13-part first series occupying a Monday afternoon slot in the channel's schedule.This was later followed by a Christmas special later in the year. Series 2 aired in early 2016 and saw the series lasting 12 episodes. Series 3 was first confirmed by a post on Poppy Lee Friar's Instagram account and aired on Wednesday 26 October later in 2016.


She’s no ordinary girl – Eve is the result of an incredibly advanced robotics experiment. Will this robot cope with life as a human teenager?

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