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DIXI is an CBBC-Online drama which stars, Claudia Jessie, Jordan Loughran, Kerry Boyne and April Hughes respectively. The show started airing on CBBC and CBBC Online from 2014. A second series was announced January of that year, and aired in early 2015. A third series was also announced in February 2015, and premiered in July 2015. The fourth series of DIXI has been announced and confirmed and will air in summer 2017, and will also replace the main cast. DIXI is aimed for children from 7-14 years old.


The drama follows Shari Doyle (Claudia Jessie), tackling important issues such as, Cyberbulling, bulling, false ID etc, with her three best friends, Eve (Jordan Loughran), Isla (Kerry Boyne), and Mimi (April Hughes)

Cast (Main, Series 1-3)

  • Claudia Jessie as Shari
  • Jordan Loughran as Eve
  • Kerry Boyne as Isla
  • April Hughes as Mimi
  • Bethan Wright as Chloe
  • Alexander Nicolaou as Syd