CBBC Annual 2000
"Hello and welcome to this special BBC Children's TV annual for the year 2000. Inside, you'll find loads of the programmes you watch and the people who present them. You can get arty with Mark from Smart, see if you'll make the grade as a Blue Peter presenter and take a peep behind the scenes at Grange Hill."
―Book intro

CBBC Annual 2000 (also known as "Children's BBC Annual 2000" is a piece of CBBC merchandise, from the CBBC, which was Penguin Character Books Ltd (2 Aug. 1999). This book was first published in 1999 by BBC Worldwide ltd and consisted of around 60 pages and was originally sold for £5.99. It has been out of print since around 2002 but can be found second-hand on-line.

Featuring the best of BBC Children's TV, this annual contains news, stories, cartoons, reports, quizzes, presenters' profiles, games, behind-the-scenes information, competition and gossip.


  • Looking back - They've introduced your favourite programmes over the years: Here are some CBBC faces you might recognise.
  • Star File: Richard McCourt
  • Make a Millennium book - Mark Speight shows Lauren how to make a pop out book to celebrate the millennium.
  • Part time at Grange Hill - Comic strip.
  • Linford's record breakers section.
  • Amazing animal - Go wild with The really wild show and meet some of the world's most weird and wonderful animals.
  • Star File: Kirsten O'Brien.
  • It'll never work section.
  • Newsround: World party - From snowball fight to fireworks, these e-mails from around the world tell us how children will be spending the millennium.
  • Chucklevision: Joke time.
  • The Wild House section.
  • Star File: Mark Speight.
  • Behind the scenes at Live & Kicking.
  • Win day at CBBC
  • Micro Soap: Home from home game.
  • So you want to be a Blue Peter presenter..?
  • Introducing "Emlyn the Gremlyn".
  • Star File: Linford Christie.
  • SMart on the road! - How to turn a simple wooden shelf into a Rocket.
  • School report: Bind the scene at Grange Hill.
  • Work it out with the Rugrats.
  • Do you know your Live & Kicking?
  • Star File: Kate Sanderson.
  • Short Change Super savers - What's the best thing you've ever saved up for and how much did it cost? Here some of the stars of CBBC talk about their favourite buys.
  • Giant Crossword - So you think you know everything there is to know about CBBC?
  • Star File: Steve Wilson.


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