BBC Television Children's Favourites
"At last, all your friends from Children's television together on one video in 10 great adventures! Let's see what they're all doing..."
―The back cover

BBC Television Children's Favourites, a piece of CBBC merchandise, is a VHS Video which is collection of episodes from popular CBBC television shows.


Noddy is proviing himself to be a real friend in "Noddy and the Broken Bicycle" and Pingue and his little sister Pinga are behaving very badly indeed in "Pingu and Pinga at home".

Those Funnybones skeletons, little and big, are trying to swap Dog for a better pet in "The Pet Shop. and little Katie gets the best birthday present in the world in "Postman Pat's finding day".

Then it's time to see life from the other side of the plughole with Spider in "Just a spider" and find out how Mr Cashmore's plans to impress Mr biggott go horribly wrong in haywire from Joshua Jones.

And just how will Arthur, friend of the Tooth fairies, retrieve the magic whistle from the Black rats in The stolen present>

Why does Fireman Sam's latest invention win a Gold Cross medal for exceptional valour in Bentley the Robot? Oh and Pingue's back again after that, this time he's making friends with a seal in "Pingue goes fishing" and finally, Charlie Chalk's on a treasure hunt in "Arnold's night out". Let's join them all.


  • Noddy and the broken bicycle.
  • Pingu and Pinga at home.
  • Funny bones: The pet shop.
  • Postman Pat's finding day.
  • Spider: Just a spider.
  • Joshua Jones: Haywire
  • Tales of the tooth fairies.
  • Fireman Sam: Bentley the Robot
  • Pingu goes fishing.
  • Charlie Chalk: Arnold's night out.

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