BBC Children's Collection

BBC Children's Collection is piece of CBBC merchandise which is a VHS compilation video containing various children's shows from the BBC/ CBBC television series. This video was released at an unknown date in the 1990's and was sold exclusively from WH Smith.

Here they are!
6 of your very favourite BBC TV characters, all on one video in 6 great adventures available only from WH Smith..


  • The little Polar Bar: Ice floe

The ice has melted and Lars, the little polar Bear, has been separated from his Daddy and Mummy. Soon he finds himself on a tropical island in the warm south..

  • Pingu: Ice hockey

Pingu and his friends are having lots of fun playing ice ice hockey, until things get rather too rough..

  • Noddy and the pouring rain

It's raining in Toyland and Noddy's passengers are getting wet. Then Big-Ears has a clever idea - Noddy should drive whilst holding his umbrella..

  • Barney's TV act

When Barney sees the advertisment for a good looking dog to take part in a new TV show, he immediately buys a ticket to glitter city. Could this be fame at last?

  • Postman Pat - Pat's thirsty day

Phew! It's a hot day in Greendale and water has been cut off in the village. Can Granny Dryden's pump provide the solution?

  • Fireman Sam - Halloween

It's Halloween and there's a terrible storm raging over Pontypandy but nothing can stop the preparation for the fire station's annual part..


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