BBC Children's Christmas Cracker

BBC Children's Christmas Cracker is a piece of BBC/CBBC merchandise which was a series of episodes from CBBC shows that was released on VHS for home use.

The video was released on 19 Sept. 1994 by the BBC with the rating of Universal and lasted approximately 71 minutes.6 adventures of special snowy fun with Noddy, Pingu, Barney, Lars the little Polar Bear and Fireman Sam!


  • Noddy and father Christmas

Father christmas is coming to Toyland and he's invited all the toys to a special Christmas party in the market square. Trouble is, those horrid goblins are threatening to spoil everything..

  • Pingu - Skiing

Pingu's learning to ski. The only problem is, when your skis are made from an old barrel, anything can happen.

  • Barney's Christmas Surprise

It's Christmas Eve at Barney's house and there's tea and mince pies for everyone. There's even a special surprise in store for his gloomy friend Mr Prophet.

  • Pingu - Sledging

Pingu's sledge is just too slow, until one of his friends suggests that he polishes the blades.

  • The Little Polar Bar - Snowstorm

It has started to snow heavily on the North pole and little Lars, the Polar Bear, has wandered awat from his Mummy and Daddy. How will he find his way home?

  • Fireman Sam - Snow business

It's a snowy Christmas Eve in Pontypandy and James and Sarah are busy sledging - until they find themselves stranded on some cracking ice..

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