As Seen on TV CBBC

As Seen on TV is a CBBC television series which was broadcast some time around 1997.

It was an award winning camcorder, ten part series which was a showcase for films made by children throughout the UK about the important, funny or surprising things happening in their lives.

As Seen on TV has been shown during Children's BBC airtime on Sunday mornings on BBC2 in twenty five minute episodes, each made by children from one British town or city.

Each fifteen minute episode features three films selected from the first three series beginning with "God's Not Boring", made by 9 year old Jonathan Scaramanga from Bath; "Me and my Granda" made by Danny Dunbar from Newcastle Upon Tyne who is also 9; and "Fishing", by 11 year old Ben Sargeant from Sheffield.

Other programmes include fussy eaters, girls with boy trouble, foster children, the impact of divorce, the pitfalls of sharing a bedroom, and a host of obsessions ranging from trainspotting to golf to Elvis Presley.

As Seen on TV was launched in January 1994. Later that year it was awarded a special prize at the prestigious international children's television festival, the Prix Jeunesse. The following year it won both BAFTA and Royal Television Society awards as "best children's factual programme", and also an award at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival.

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