All at Sea

All at Sea is a British children's television sitcom set in a bed and breakfast. It stars Nicola Stephenson, Steve Edge, Ryan Wilkinson, Olivia Cosgrove and Sam Hattersley amongst others.

It is filmed on location in Scarborough and various locations around South Manchester (principally Stockport) and at studios in Manchester. It is produced by CBBC (CBBC's in-house production company) A second series began airing in September 2014. The series was nominated for the 2014 Kids' BAFTA awards for Best Comedy.[2] It was nominated again in 2015 for the same award. "Santa" was the last ever episode.


The series revolves around the chaotic misadventures of the Enright family, who have recently moved to Scarborough to run a bed-and-breakfast by the sea. Their middle child and eldest son, Charlie, is a deceptive and mischievous troublemaker, who is constantly plotting schemes to achieve his goal with his best friends, the equally-troublesome Alison and the moralled and more sensible Ben.

Charlie's parents, Kevin and Helen, run the dysfunctional bed-and-breakfast and usually try to improve it in different ways, while his selfish, rude older sister Hannah is often trying to achieve a goal too, and his eccentric, gullible younger brother Louie believing a tale that will traumatize him and will try to conquer it.