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Ace Lightning game

Ace Lightning is a series of video games released initially on 25 October 2002, based upon the CBBC-created television programme of the the same name.

The PC and PlayStation 2 are 3D action-adventure, third-person shooter and platform games, whilst the Game Boy Advance version is a 2D side-scrolling platformer.

The games all have similar features, and follow the synopsis of the television show's plot, involving superhero Ace Lightning venturing into the nightmarish amusement park called the Carnival of Doom to defeat his nemesis Lord Fear and obtain the shattered pieces of the Amulet of Zoar.


The video games follow the same storyline, although the Game Boy Advance version follows the television show's story more closely, involving characters who are from a fictional video game appearing on Earth. Ace ventures into the Carnival of Doom to find the pieces of the Amulet and defeat Lord Fear, eventually sending the villains back to the Sixth Dimension, the characters' homeworld.

All of the games' cutscenes are shown in the style of a comic strip with speech bubbles. A prologue at the start of the game describes Lord Fear escaping from prison in the Sixth Dimension and stealing the Amulet, but is stopped by Ace and the following fight results in the shattering of the Amulet. Both individuals find a single piece of the Amulet and take their fight to the Carnival of Doom to collect more pieces.

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