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4 O' Clock Club is a British children's television series, which premiered on 13 January 2012 on CBBC and BBC HD on 13 January 2012 .


Josh, is a 13 year old school boy at Elmsbury High School. He dreams to be a rapper one day and in the debut episode he meets his rapping idol B-Mode. He often gets into trouble at his school and was put into detention, otherwise known as the 4 O' Clock Club.

On the first day of the new term, his brother has chosen to become his teacher and when his brother was at school, things were much worse than the problems dealt with today. As the episode progresses, he becomes more teacher material but then suddenyly reflects on his life and tries to become the teacher who could connect with the children. This however works and fails at the same time. When young, Nathan, Josh's brother, wanted to be a rapper too but failed for him and he teaches Josh how it could be successful for him.


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